Dental Cleaning + Consults

Operation:SNIP now offers dental cleanings and consults!

Dental Cleanings

Our nonprofit Wellness clinic is now offering preventive dental health care.
Dental cleanings are available starting at $300 for dogs & $200 for cats.
Patients must be under 10 years of age and already spayed or neutered (or
being altered at the time of the dental cleaning). We require blood work for all
patients before their dental appointments. Junior blood work panels start at
$75+ and Senior panels start at $130+. Dental radiographs are highly
recommended for all dental procedures. However, we understand radiographs
can be cost prohibitive and may be waived on a case-by-case basis.
Radiographs are $50-$100 based on the size of the patient.
Dental Cleanings include: anesthesia, monitoring, IV catheter, fluid therapy,
dental scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment, and a free nail trim.
Additional charges apply for blood work, radiographs, antibiotics, pain
medications, and extractions.

Any patient aged 10 years or older or having underlying health problems
(such as heart murmurs, seizures, etc), will be referred to a local full-service
clinic that is equipped to handle high risk patients.

For All Dental Appointments
– The patient needs to be healthy, no heart murmur/seizures/major health
conditions, and must be less than 10 years of age.
– Weigh more than three pounds.
– All patients must have a dental consult and blood work prior to their
– All patients are required to provide proof of rabies vaccination or update
their rabies vaccine at the time of the dental.
– Dogs must have a negative heartworm test. (This test can also be done
on the day of the dental).
– We do require a $50 deposit to make the dental appointment (this
deposit is a partial payment toward the total cost of the surgery/dental,
you will pay the balance after the surgery/dental at the time of pickup).
This deposit is your promise to come on the day of surgery. If you no
call/no show we will donate your deposit to our Fix Pinellas fund.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, we ask you call us and leave a message at least 48 business hours prior to the appointment.
– Blood work is required for all patients prior to their dental procedure,
and patients will not be scheduled until laboratory results have been approved.
– Major oral surgeries, full mouth extractions, and cases of advanced
periodontal disease will be referred to a full-service clinic or specialist.
– If there are fleas, ear infections, or another medical issue, there may be
additional charges.
– Dental cleanings are only performed on Mondays. Dental consults and
blood work can be scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.