Operation:SNIP now offers dental cleanings and consults!

Schedule a dental consult appointment for your pet to be assessed by our medical team. Pre-anesthetic labwork is collected at the consult appointment.

Pre-anesthetic labwork: $50 – $120

Dental procedure including dental x-rays:

  • Dogs: $300
  • Cats: $200

Our comprehensive dental cleanings include the following:

  • anesthesia monitoring + maintenance
  • IV catheter + fluid therapy
  • thorough oral examination
  • full mouth digital x-rays with state of the art equipment
  • dental scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatment
  • FREE nail trim

Surgical extractions, periodontal treatments, pain management, and antibiotics are additional.

Pets requiring complex or severe dental surgery or treatments will be referred to a specialist or full service clinic.

To make a dental consult appointment please call 727-595-1983